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Have you ever thought about cross country or other forms of long distance runnning? Well in a personal opinion I love runnning because:

If you are interested in running then you should check out
5 dolllar 5k and also check out
Portland parks & Recreation

Portland Parks & Recreation

Hello! This is a site of the various things that I do in my life!
Starting off I love running and playing videogames! I know, I know those are two things that a polar oppposites, but that is just what I like to do. I especially like open-world RPGs its just so fun to go wherever you want to wihile being your own character. For example Fallout or GTA V or Skyrim.

Fallout New Vegas in all its glory!

Fallout New Vegas

Skyrim, one of the best open-world RPGs on the market!


GTA V definitely the best 3rd person shooter of all time!